The conference is over, but the conversation continues:

  • Respond to our conference call to action questions on Twitter using the hashtag #wocsc2014.

» What was one big takeaway from the conference?
» What will you do to support women of color?
» How will you love each other harder?

  • Follow the conference conversation via Storify.
  • Access helpful resources for moving forward.
Conference Background

The 2nd Women of Color Student Conference was held savethedate2-page-001on March 29, 2014 in Coffman Memorial Union on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus.

The conference, entitled Loving Each Other Harder: Women of Color, Community and the Intersections of Our Identities*, provided an opportunity for attendees to explore the following questions: What are the multiple identities of women of color? How do they affect the learning, leading and living experiences of women of color students, particularly at predominantly white institutions (PWIs)? How do these identities affect how women of color see and work with one another?

The conference is organized by the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota. The oldest campus-based women’s center in the nation, the Women’s Center advances equity for women students, staff, faculty and alumnae across identities.

*We are inspired by and graciously credit Maegan Ortiz (mamitamala) for the creation of the language of “loving each other harder” and Jessica Marie Johnson, author of Diaspora Hypertext, for her writing featuring the same language.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Humbled, amazed, excited, enthralled, overjoyed that this summit is happening! Thank you for the note of credit and inspiration. Wow. All the best as you organize and build a practice of active engagement, community accountability, and radical feminist love. Build on!

    A quick note: please be sure to make contact with Maegan Ortiz (@mamitamala on Twitter) for attribution and permission to use her words. I’m sure she’d also be excited to know such a summit is happening.

    Warm regards,
    Jessica Marie Johnson
    (jmj at msu dot edu)

  2. I am excited that this summit is happening and also humbled and grateful that there are spaces like this being created. The only way we will survive and thrive is by loving ourselves and each other harder.

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